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About Dada Foundation

Dada Foundation is a non-governmental organization incorporated to honor the life and legacies of the Chancellor of Wisconsin International University College: Dr. Paul Fynn and Family.

The Foundation is focused on empowering Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), Health professionals in the remotest part of Ghana, Health Entrepreneurs, developing young entrepreneurs through academia, identifying and sponsoring street graduates and training and transforming their lives.

Dada Foundation

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Dada Foundation


The youth of today have become innovative and critical in their thinking. The numerous talents churned out from the schools could go into self-employment. However due to the interest in working for others and lack of capital, readily developed skills, ideas etc. they decide to go for formal jobs. These are partly due to the fear of starting a new business, the risk of not getting a job after a certain period, the quest to get rich quick etc. DADA believes Business Incubation will help change the mindset and get the youth to go into self-employment.

Dada Foundation


There have been numerous research findings on the wide range of disparity between research and industry. Most academic researchers are left on the shelves of university campuses. Critically analyzing the needs of industry through research and financing of these researchers have become a major concern to governments across the globe. DADA Foundation in corroboration with other partners is setting up Industry/Value Chain linkages with Academia and encouraging and supporting extended internships, mentoring, research…

Dada Foundation


Dada Foundations seeks to contribute to Ghana’s fiscal management and economic transformation agenda through the establishment, management and financing of a policy Think Tank that will engage and contribute to the economic, political, social, sustainability, cultural, and technological development issues affecting the development of the country.

Dada’s Independent Think Tank will investigate some of the pertinent strategic socio/economic issues facing Ghana, the Ecowas Region…


DADA engages in philanthropic activities in Health Care and Scholarships. Below are details of the projects:


Scholarships for needy but brilliant students; continuing students with outstanding performances, students from the remotes part of the country, physically challenged students and single parents.

Health Care

Health care: village communities in the remotest part of the country have over the years faced serious challenges with regards to maternal health, child health and other challenges which could be solved with little interventions.


Women issues have dominated the development agenda of many Africa countries.

Institutions have tried to empower the women in various sectors of their economy through appointments, and several exposures.

Dada Foundation has identified among other things, failure of women to take up responsibilities and to volunteer their skills as a major cause of de-empowerment.

Dada Foundation

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