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The youth of today have become innovative and critical in their thinking. The numerous talents churned out from the schools could go into self-employment. However due to the interest in working for others and lack of capital, readily developed skills, ideas etc. they decide to go for formal jobs. These are partly due to the fear of starting a new business, the risk of not getting a job after a certain period, the quest to get rich quick etc.


DADA believes Business Incubation will help change the mindset and get the youth to go into self-employment. DADA therefore has created the platform for students in the sub-region to gain training in areas that would propel them to start their own businesses while in school or immediately after school. DADA seeks to partner government, development partners and social enterprises to train and help set-up students who have completed the university.


The aim is to Set-up a Business Incubator to assist WIUC Students and Other Innovators/Entrepreneurs in starting up and setting up their business (Agriculture, Health, IT, Manufacturing and Consulting), linking and placing the pertinent resources of WIUC to the Incubator Cohorts.



  • Free training for the students
  • Mentorship through experienced professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Access to start-up capital through government initiatives


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