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Dada Foundation Scholarship

DADA engages in philanthropic activities in Health Care and Scholarships. Below are details of the projects:


Scholarships for needy but brilliant students; continuing students with outstanding performances, students from the remotes part of the country, physically challenged students and single parents. The scholarships seek to empower these socially marginalized persons in the society.


These students must be well vest in democracy in Africa, Sustainability issues, cultural and developmental problems and proffer solutions, willing to serve or volunteer in the solution of developmental problems.



  • • Tuition fees
  • • Academic user fees
  • • Accommodations
  • • Stipends for the students

Health care

Health care: village communities in the remotest part of the country have over the years faced serious challenges with regards to maternal health, child health and other challenges which could be solved with little interventions.


Apparently, elderly women who are experienced in the community (Traditional Birth Attendants, TBAs) helps with the delivery of pregnant women. Pregnant women also consult these elderly women for basic healthcare issues.


DADA shall train 300 of such women on basic healthcare issues, maternal care, basic maternity procedures, other health issues relating to infants. The training will be done semi-annually for a period of 5years. Dada will also procure some basic Health Kits for each of these women. It is budgeted to cost the foundation $210,000 annually for the training.


Currently, countries such as Guinea, Senegal, Tanzania etc. have adopted innovative ways of training these TBAs for better health delivery.

Dada Foundation Health Care


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