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Women in Leadership



Dada Foundation

Model 1:

Women issues have dominated the development agenda of many Africa countries. Institutions have tried to empower the women in various sectors of their economy through appointments, and several exposures.


Dada Foundation has identified among other things, failure of women to take up responsibilities and to volunteer their skills as a major cause of de-empowerment.


Dada foundation has developed a programme in collaboration with WIUC to train students and empower them through entrepreneurship, public speaking, community development and participation, politics, and other self-development programmes.


We believe that taking students through training on the issues mentioned above would ignite the ‘spark’ in these women to contribute meaningfully to society. (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

Dada Foundation Women in Leadership

Model 2:

Dada Women

This project is to empower women to have a say in the Local Economic Development, Local Politics and Local Entrepreneurship.


WIUC students would be taken on trips to selected villages to train the women on social empowerment and economic development.


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